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  1. Sam Amendolara

    Sam Amendolara

    Magistrate Samuel Amendolara was appointed Magistrate of the Mahoning County Juvenile Court in 1993.  As a Magistrate, he primarily hears cases involving custody, delinquency, visitation, traffic and civil protection orders.
    The majority of Magistrate Amendolara’s docket involves Third Party petitions for custody and visitation of children. Many grandparents or other non-parents file petitions for custody when parents are unable to care for and provide for their children.

    Magistrate Amendolara is a lifelong resident of Mahoning County. He graduated from Ursuline High School and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Youngstown State University. He then earned his Juris Doctorate Degree from Cleveland State University, John Marshall School of Law.

    Magistrate Amendolara is a member of the Mahoning County Bar Association and served as President of the Bar in 1995.

  2. Anthony M. D'Apolito

    Anthony M. D'Apolito

    Mr. D’Apolito graduated from John Carroll University where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. He earned his Juris Doctorate from Case Western Reserve University. As the Juvenile Court Administrator he oversees procedures and programs implemented by the Court. Mr. D’Apolito is also a Magistrate of the Court. As a Magistrate, he primarily hears delinquency and traffic cases and is able to handle matters including paternity and dependency. He also presides over the following Specialty Dockets, so certified by the Supreme Court of Ohio: 1) Mental Health, 2) Treatment, and 3) DYS Court.  He is the President of the Board at the new Mahoning County High School, a joint venture between the Juvenile Court and the Mahoning County ESC, targeting juveniles who have been expelled from their home school, who have a delinquent charge against them and to reengage them in education and guide them towards graduation from high school. He also sits on the board of the Unlimited Classroom and Café Augustine.  He was appointed magistrate in 2005 and was appointed Court Administrator in 2008.

  3. Ted Ferris

    Ted Ferris

    Magistrate Ferris received his Bachelor’s Degree from Cleveland State University and his Juris Doctorate from Northern University. He began his practice in May, 1979. Magistrate Ferris is assigned to the Paternity Docket which involves private custody and visitation cases. He was appointed magistrate in 2006.

  4. Mark A. Latas

    Magistrate Mark A. Latas received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Miami University in 1978, where he had a double major in History and Political Science. He received his Juris Doctorate from Ohio Northern University in May of 1981, and was admitted to the practice of law in November 1981. He opened a general practice and still has a part time practice. He was appointed as magistrate handling the Child Support docket in 1989.

  5. Jeralyn Mercer

    Jeralyn Mercer

    Magistrate Jeralyn Goldberg Mercer graduated from Youngstown State University in 1976 with a B.S.A.S. degree in Criminal Justice-Corrections. She worked as a Management Analyst for the State of New Mexico prior to attending University of Akron School of Law. In November, 1993, Magistrate Mercer began her private practice focusing on child advocacy and business law. Magistrate Mercer is a previous recipient of the Mahoning County Bar Association’s Distinguished Service Award for her extensive service as a Guardian Ad Litem and Special Investigator in child custody cases. Magistrate Mercer became a part-time magistrate in January 2006. Magistrate Mercer presides over the Dependency, Neglect and Abuse docket.   

  6. Karen Romano Melone

    Karen Romano Melone

    Magistrate Melone graduated from Youngstown State University where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education.  
    She earned her Juris Doctorate from the Western Michigan University, Cooley Law School.  As a Magistrate for the delinquency docket, she hears cases from arraignment to disposition.  
    Magistrate Melone also oversees the Family Dependency Treatment Court docket, one of six specialized dockets at the Court.  Additionally, she oversees the Drug and Alcohol Diversion and Monetary dockets.
    Magistrate Melone was an Assistant County Prosecutor, assigned to the Juvenile Division, for five years prior to being appointed as a Magistrate in 2007.

  7. Richard N. White

    Richard N. White

    Chief Magistrate
    Magistrate White graduated Magna Cum Laude from Bowling Green State University in 1973 and received his Juris Doctorate from Ohio Northern University, College of Law in 1976. Magistrate White hears felony delinquency cases and also presides over the Adolescent Sexual Abuser Docket which is the first juvenile sex offender specialized docket certified by the Supreme Court of Ohio. Since 2012 he has coordinated the implementation of the Crossover Youth Model in Mahoning County under the direction of Georgetown University. This model is designed to coordinate services to children who are delinquent and who are also abused, neglected or dependent. The successful implementation of the Crossover Youth Model in Mahoning County has received both state and national recognition. Magistrate White has spoken extensively on the subject of Juvenile Law Practice and Procedures at local, state and national events.