Detention Center Policies

Mail Policy

Students are permitted to write letters every day of the week. Incoming mail will have stamps, stickers, and/or tape removed, and then will be opened in front of the student and inspected for contraband. Mail may be read and/or censored when based on legitimate facility interests and/or security reasons. 

Telephone Policy

Students are permitted to make a phone call upon admission, and are only permitted to call parents, guardians, or an attorney at that time. Phone calls are permitted for students on Level 3 and 4 only, and only parents, grandparents, and guardians may be called. Phone calls are made in alphabetical order on certain days based on the student’s last name. Students are permitted to speak for 10 minutes. No three-way calling or transferring of calls is permitted. Phone calls are recorded and monitored. Any violation of these rules will result in loss of phone call privileges. All calls are collect calls.