Programs & Recreation

The MCJJC offers a variety of programming for students in Detention:
  • Girls and Boys Writing Groups
  • Religious Services
  • Book Club
  • S.Y.M
  • Kitchen Programming
  • Yumadoap
  • Health and Wellness
  • Boys Programming
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Treatment) Unit—120 day program
  • Operation Keepsake
Students in the Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center also receive one hour of large muscle activity per day. Students may also participate in organized sports, in addition to activities of a non-competitive nature. Available recreational facilities include a gymnasium and on outdoor basketball court.

School Program

The Juvenile Justice Center has a staff of teachers licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Education. The curriculum is provided by the Mahoning County High School as well as developed and individualized by the teaching staff. Emphasis is placed on special needs and specialized programming. Students receive 5.5 hours of schooling per day. The school schedule is as follows:
Period 1:  7:45—8:45
Period 2:  8:45—9:45
Period 3:  9:45—10:45
Enrichment 4:  10:45—11:15
Lunch Break:  11:15—12:15
Period 5:  12:15—1:15
Period 6:  1:15—2:15