Helpful Information for Cleaning Drains in the Home
One of the goals of the Mahoning County Sanitary Engineering Department is to provide the highest quality of service. So if you have a problem with the sewer service at your home or place of business we want to know right away.
Contact Us
It's important that you contact the Mahoning County Sanitary Engineering Department first before contacting a drain service company or a plumber. The Department does not want customers to incur any unnecessary expense.

MCSE service personnel are available to respond 24 hours a day ,7 days a week, to respond to your problem. Department personnel will come out to your home or place of business, inspect your system and determine the cause of the disruption of service.
Sewer Cleaning Collage
If the problem involves a part of the system that is your responsibility, MCSE personnel will advise you as to what steps need to be taken to restore sanitary sewer service. If the problem involves a part of the system that is MCSE's responsibility, maintenance personnel will take those steps to restore full sewer service to your home or business.

The responsibility for repairs and maintenance to your system depends on the location of the problem:
  • The property owner is responsible for repairs to the property's internal plumbing system and the lateral sewer line that connects it to the main sewer lines. The lateral sewer line extends from the main sanitary line to the structure.
  • Pricing for cleaning your main drain by running a cable with a cutter up to 100 feet, the department has received three prices ranging in the amount of $105 to $165 for this service.
  • Customers experiencing a sewer drain problem inside the home should contact the department first, 330-793-5514, to determine if the problem may be in the main sanitary sewer line. If the department determines the problem is not in the main sewer line, you can then call a drain service company and ask for a cost prior to having a service performed, If time permits, always try to get more than one price to insure a fair fee for the service.
  • The Mahoning County Sanitary Engineering Department is responsible for maintenance repairs and replacement of the main sanitary line.
Routine Maintenance
In addition to responding to specific problems within the system, MCSE personnel also visit neighborhoods on a regular basis to undertake routine maintenance of the system. Visits are scheduled in advance, and we typically give customers two to three days notice. You'll find a green card on your doorknob, telling you that we'll be in your vicinity soon.

All MCSE employees now carry photo identification cards. If you have any question as to whether someone you see working in your neighborhood is employed by the Mahoning County Sanitary Engineering Department, feel free to ask to see his or her ID card.
Tips for Maintaining Your Sewer System
The wastewater treatment system in your residence or place of business conducts wastewater away quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of effort on your part. Using that system wisely benefits everyone. By following these simple steps:
  • You'll avoid clogging or other damage to your internal plumbing system, which could result in costly repairs
  • You'll keep the MCSE system operating smoothly, with a minimum of interruptions for maintenance
  • You'll help to protect the environment.
In Your Kitchen
  • Avoid pouring cooking grease down your drain. Use a can or jar and discard it in the trash.
  • If you have a garbage disposal, always run cold water during the entire time it's operating, and be certain to let it run long enough to grind table scraps thoroughly.
  • Don't put fibrous items, such as celery or corn on the cob, down your disposal. Avoid disposing of scraps that are too large or too hard for your disposal to grind thoroughly.
In Your Bathroom
  • Use a "hair snare" type device over the drain in your tub or shower to keep hair and debris from entering your system.
  • Never throw paper towels, sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, plastic materials or anything other than toilet tissue down your toilet.
In Your Laundry Room
  • Use "hair snare" type inserts in your stationary tub and screening over your floor drain to keep lint from your washing machine out of the system.
  • Don't dispose of paints, cleaning fluids, solvents or other similar materials in your floor drain. Contact the Mahoning County Green Team at 330-740-2060 for information on proper disposal of these items.
Outside the Home
  • If you have a drain in your garage or driveway, be sure that oil or grease from your car doesn't enter it. You can recycle old oil from an oil change at many service stations, garages or auto parts stores.
Businesses or Institutions
  • In any building where food service facilities are provided, use a properly-installed and maintained grease trap.