About the Engineer

There shall be elected quadrennially in each county a County Engineer who shall assume office on the first Monday in January next after his election and shall hold such office for four years. (ORC 315.01)
Term Expires 1/1/2021

Patrick T. Ginnetti, P.E., P.S.

Mahoning County welcomed Patrick T. Ginnetti, P.E., P.S., as its new County Engineer on January 7, 2013. Pat brings a foundation of honesty, integrity, experience, compassion and leadership to Mahoning County and understands the demands of its commercial and residential growth. He has pledged to make sound decisions that place the public welfare and safety above all other concerns.

There are four strategic areas for growth and improvement upon which Pat plans to build his vision for the Mahoning County Engineer’s Office:

Improving infrastructure that promotes safe neighborhoods and nurtures the business community to help foster and create a healthy economy

Transportation planning, combining tested methods with the best new technology and analysis to improve planning for the future;

Developing Inter-governmental partnerships and allowing the Mahoning County Engineer’s Office to be a true asset and partner for the cities, townships, villages, and other agencies;

Fiscal responsibility and accountability to the taxpayers.



Bachelor of Engineering in Civil & Environmental Engineering (Youngstown State University)
Certificate of Surveying (Columbus State Community College)
Registered Professional Engineer in Ohio & Pennsylvania
Registered Professional Surveyor in Ohio & Pennsylvania


Mr. Ginnetti has been an engineer and a surveyor in both the private and public sectors. As a business owner, he learned first hand the importance of constantly developing market-driven strategies that create value and jobs while remaining fiscally prudent. By working for the State of Ohio and the City of Columbus, he developed a strong understanding of working in both union and nonunion settings. From these experiences he has learned how to bring people together across numerous organizational and cultural levels.

In addition to being the Mahoning County Engineer and the Mahoning County Sanitary Engineer, Mr. Ginnetti takes on many roles within the engineering and surveying realm where he is able to extend his knowledge and expertise to both surrounding communities as well as to students preparing to venture into professional practice. The following is a list of his current accomplishments:

Civil Engineering Program Advisory Board (Youngstown State University)
Engineering Advisory Committee (Mahoning County Career & Technical Center)
Surveying/GIS Committee (County Engineers Association of Ohio)
Commissioner (Ohio Public Works Commission)
Professor, Part-time (Youngstown State University, Dept. of Civil/Environmental & Chemical Engineering)